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I used to have to send out brochures by mail in order to relay information about my products and services to my customers. They were taking up space, time, and money, so I needed to find a way to get my information across without having to use paper products. The internet provided me with the ability to do just that. I now use Flippingbook in my business on a daily basis. They help me stay organized and allow me to advertise my products and services without having to send out physical brochures by mail. They have saved me a considerable amount of time and money because I can simply upload/download the template design that I want to use and convert the PDF into a digital Flippingbook (PDF to flipbook is derived from the animation history and stop motion). I can share my digital flipping book with my clients directly or place them on my company’s website. Unlike traditional page flip brochures, there is no limit as to how much information you can put together in a single time. I don’t have to worry about not having enough space to include pertinent information now. Created a Flippingbook with Yumpu Publishing has really helped make my life easier because they are fast, easy to use, and convenient.

Cost-effective and efficient solutions for a digital Flippingbook

When it came time to transition away from paper brochures, I began conducting research and weighing my options. I considered using email alone, but I wanted something more interactive so that my customers could engage in each step of the learning process. After doing my research online, I eventually stumbled upon flipbooks.

With flash flipbooks, I could create flash flippingbook publications that resemble real brochures with a flip effect. They had a very similar feel to reading paper ones with their flipping page flip effect, but they also came with aspects that I could not get out of a regular page flipbook software. By using a flipping brochure, I could customize it by adding special page flip effects, adding audio to my page, and video to my digital magazine.

I could deliver more information than previously, in an enhanced manner. I no longer have to invest money in paper brochures and all of the headaches of sending them out.

Finding the best digital flippingbook publisher service

Throughout my research, I came across two companies that really stood out to me as a publisher: Issuu and my favourite solution flipbook WordPress solution. Issuu is a website that provides an easy way to turn your PDF page files into an elegant flipping book. It is free to use and delivers quality results. The creation process is easy. First, you must create an account on www.issuu.com.

Once your account has been created, you can then upload/download your page or documents right away and begin working on putting your PDF flipbook together. The publisher has customized his brochure to his specifications, he can then publish it, share it, download it,  view it, or link it to his website.

Issuu provides a simple and straightforward way to create a quality flippingbook without having to figure out a lot of technical features. There are 3 plans: Basic (free), Premium ($35 / month), and Optimum ($279 / month). With the Basic plan, you can upload and share anywhere, embed anywhere, get unlimited publishing, and utilize iOS and Android apps. It is a great way to get started for flippingbook publishers.

This platform is a similar service to Issuu. However, I found that this software offers many more functions and features to its free users. It’s is easy to use, effective, and efficient. They have a friendly website where you can upload your PDF to the system and design your page flip brochure.

You will need to create an account on their website first. After your account is created, you must then activate it through the email that they send you. Once your account is activated you can begin editing your free flipping book. Free users can enjoy great digital publishing features for their flipbook and unlimited flash magazine publications. There are also 4 paid subscription plans that provide additional features. Subscription costs range from $10 / month to $399 / month, depending on the plan. There are 5 types of publishing options available for your magazine: free publishing, flash magazine publishing, web publishing, developer publishing, and mobile publishing.

The list of features varies depending on the type of publishing you choose as a publisher. The free publishing Free-Feature-List includes cloud hosting, the ability to share on social media platforms, the ability to reach millions of readers, hotspot editor videos, hotspot editor links, hotspot editor slideshows, hotspot editor audio, auto-detect links, and hotspot import and export via CSV. Free users can enjoy all of the features of free publishing as well as parts of the magazine, developer, and web publishing. Mobile publishing is exclusively for paying members.


There is also a great support team behind these publisher-friendly flipping book publishing companies. If you have a problem with your PDF documents or page, the flipbook itself, or even with the flipping effect on your flipbook, the support team will be there for you and help you out create the best flipping book for you as a PDF publisher or the flipbook maker site will help you with a faq help document.


I recommend using flippingbook because they are great for accomplishing multiple tasks at once. They are a great way to cut costs while maximizing efficiency for your business. They are fun to use and clients enjoy their interactivity and page-flipping style on their desktops and mobile devices. They are not difficult to put together and share either. Everything is stored on the internet so you don’t have to worry about a lot of clutter or a big mess without any need for a download. I love these online services because they help people like me out a lot in business. Using virtual flipping PDF brochures has greatly transformed the way I do marketing and advertising in a helpful and convenient manner.

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