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Flipbook Maker ▷ Create a 3D Flipbook with interactive elements

The issue here is that not all online Flipbook Makers are created equally. I had to search all over the internet to find the right flipbook maker for my needs. The software Yumpu Publishing basically gave me everything that I could want in a Flipbook Maker. It did it at a great price and with world-class technical support. Here are some of the reasons I always go there when I need a PDF page to convert into a flipbook or a digital page-flipping magazine without starting a download.

Why do I want a Flipbook Maker?

More and more websites are trying to come up with fresh ways to display their written content with great features. One of the latest fads for blogs to get their info across is a 3D flip book. A 3D flip book is basically a way to get content to your readers that looks like a book. The flash pages even turn in a 3D manner on their laptop, phone, or tablet computer. This gives the content an interesting and easy-to-read feel. The problem is that most people do not know how to make a 3D flash flipping book themselves. Some small business owners may also not have the means to hire a full-time graphic designer that can do it for them. This is why Flipbook Makers exist.

Flipbook Makers are flipbook software programs that can help you create a flip book page for your content easily. All you need to do is to create and upload your PDF files to the converter and the program will do the rest of the work based on what style and format you want. Moreover, you need no special devices or starting a download for this service. The same kind of flipbook software can also be used to create a digital publishing page magazine. Gone are the days where you could just create content online and hope that it catches on. The internet is far too big for that now.

Price For Flipbook Maker

You can’t beat a free flip book maker. The most basic subscription level is provided to customers for free. This includes unlimited numbers of magazines or flipping books and an unlimited number of flash page flip pages allowed for each book with a flash page turning effect. Of course, You may need some extra features like Google analytics, or ad-free content. These can also be purchased on a monthly subscription basis. They can also purchase for the year with a one-time payment. New customers get the first 30 days adFREE to give it a try.

Environmentally Friendly Flipbook Maker

Going digital with your page flip publication is a great way to help your business and save the Earth. Printing magazine after magazine and page after page for your clients or employees can waste a lot of paper on these books. People don’t want that cumbersome object laying around either. They just end up taking space somewhere. With a digital page-flipping version, you can get them the information that they want and need without bogging them down or creating excess waste. It’s a win-win for everyone involved if you choose to upload and go digital with your publication.

Google Analytics

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it did it really happen? This is sort of the mindset that you need to have with your content online. You want it to get seen by as many readers and potential customers as possible. This is why Google Analytics is one of the features that this software provides is so important. They can help you get your publication to the top of the Google rankings to improve your readership and, in turn, increase your revenue. This platform is among the best free PDF flipbook converters online when it comes to helping improve your digital publication’s Google ranking.

Social media

There are many great benefits of social media when it comes to advertising. First of all, it’s a free method of getting your brand in front of people online. Second of all, Just about everybody uses social media in some kind of way and on some platform. This company has taken this into consideration to give their users the best experience when it comes to linking their publication with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter. Other programs may only specialize in one social media platform while this one is great with all of them. If social media is important to your cause, you should use this software as your Flipbook Maker.

Customer Support

It’s very easy to use. If you ever do have trouble using it, there is a dedicated and trained staff of customer support technicians that can help subscribers through just about any issue they may be having with the software or you can use the faq help document. This is something that other free pdf  flip book makers just do not provide to their customers. Great customer support goes a long way towards saving users both time and money.


It is staggering how many people surf the web using just their mobile devices. This is why so many online flip PDF converters and Flipbook Makers make the mistake of not being highly compatible with certain mobile devices. This solution will design a flash flip book that will work with iPhone, Android, iPads, and Tablets, and computers. They can even help you develop a mobile app for your digital flipping book publication. This will make your content extremely easy to download and use for mobile device users. They have the best code for just about anything related to a mobile device when it comes to Flipbook Makers.

I would recommend an online Flipbook Maker to anyone that is looking for a fresh way to publish their converted PDF content online. They can get you a fresh look without the burden of hiring a graphic designer or wasting time trying how to learn to do it on your own. The software Yumpu Publishing can make your information much easier to read for your audience. There are many options available to give you the perfect experience for your needs and your budget through the website. The first 30 days are FREE so be sure to give it a try if you are looking for a great PDF converter for your written content to publish like a flipbook animation.

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