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I am a writer and I need to be reading and writing online all day long to earn my living. I was totally disenchanted with most things on the internet which as you can imagine made things very hard. I was considering another career recently until I noticed a great solution. Thank heavens I did, it has brought the internet back to my life because it made me feel connected to it again. This software Yumpu Publishing introduced me to creating animated flipbooks and animated magazines that are a delight to read and write and now I share this piece of art including motion globally!

Recently I have started to stop liking the internet, we have fallen out and are no longer friends. I know this may seem strange but bear with me. I have begun to add up all the time I waste trying to make the internet work for me and not against me and it turns out the internet is winning, hands down. Ok, I am exaggerating a little as it’s not the whole internet but just digital publishing.

I spend more time-fighting things than enjoying my time using online publishing page services. I am a rational person and I know it’s not ‘it’ but me. But think about it for a second, how often do you spend your time frustrated by using publishing services online that don’t work rather than enjoying being online?

Make your readers online experience the best experience you can

For many years I have been working with various online publications. I have written articles about hobbies, cars, holidays, interior design, and fishing. You name it I have given it my all in order to write the best possible articles for my clients. One day I decided to look at my work online and to my horror I found the article buried deep in a site, hidden from everyone. It wasn’t that the publication didn’t want to share my story – the editor told me herself it was great to work, but I could not understand why it was making a great article inaccessible?

I looked around the various books I worked on and noticed it time after time. Yes, the books were maintaining the standards of work their readers wanted, but they had forgotten to make the stories easily accessible and usable to their readers like flip pdf books do.

I knew a change had to happen and I was intrigued when a fellow writer introduced me to a publication he was working with. It was like stepping into another beautiful world of online publishing and flipbook animation. I can honestly say that I have not used a service online before that functions so easily and give you such great results. In just over 6 months I have gone from writing for multiple publications to editing and creating my own E-Paper and flipping book.

I now like the online experience I have with my digital flipbooks and my Epaper I produce. It’s so easy, flipbooks are so efficient and I am reaching out to millions of readers I never knew I could. You should do it too, it`s like art with motion!

Digital flipbooks you can share with millions of readers

Like most online digital publishing sites this platform covers all the basic services you want to have from a publisher. You can upload in a few minutes straight from a PDF, you can embed the magazines into the website and on social media and you can even include audio or a video to bring the magazines a new level of engagement. Also, it`s possible to embed a youtube video in your flipbook. But the one thing I like about them even more than the other sites I have looked at? The sheer volume of readers they get on their site! I have had my work opened up to countries and markets I never dreamed of. Did you know I have one magazine that is so popular in Japan that I have been asked to write for a national newspaper – that was all down to my favorite flipbook company.

When I started using the site it was just to review articles in other publications, of which there are some incredible options, and from then I grew to realize that I could do it myself. I could use this online service that not only functions well and look terrific, it also gives me complete control over my work while giving me the largest shop window to a different market I could have dreamed of.

Digital Flip Book Animation

This will only take a second so you simply have to keep reading and try this out for yourself. All those bad experiences you have had online using online digital publishing, will diapers into thin air as Yumpu Publishing is so easy to use the stories you write and the magazines you crate will reach so many more people.

Go there and follow the instructions to create a free account. This takes only a few minutes and only requires your basic information to get started like your email address or you can login in via social media or your Google account if you have one.

You then click on the link and upload the PDF format of your sales catalog or brochure. Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 3-6 minutes and then you are done. You will have a page flipbook animation ready to be embedded into your website, social media sites and I can’t recommend enough starting a WebKiosk on the site to host all your work.

Once you have the animated flipbook it is up to you how you share them with your readers. It allows you to maximize the potential of the flipbooks you create by making them so easy to use and if you have any problems, there is online support at the click of a button. They are very understanding and really do offer great support when you get started.

You can take your time and enjoy playing with and tailoring the service has to offer. If you really want to make the most out of your flipbooks I would take advantage of the 30 days free trial so you can see for yourself the infinite possibilities of online publishers worldwide.

If you still don’t believe me that these flipbooks are effective at opening up your market, then take a look at the Google Analytics service they offer. By linking your flipbook directly to Google Analytics so you can track who is using it, where they live, how often they read your magazines – the works!  

It’s so easy to do and I can assure you, as someone who once fell out of love with online publishing, This is the best thing on the market by far and it will expand your horizon by miles.

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